Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer


Product Description

78-1 Hot Plate Stirrer use DC brushless electrical motor, featuring high-quality floride-free steel, low power consumption, strong rotary power and corrosion-resistant structure. It is widely used in universities, scientific research institutes, hospitals and industries of chemicals, environmental protections.

Main Technical Date:

Power: 110V 60Hz
Power for Mixing: 25W
Power for Heating: 120W
Speed range: 0-1600rpm (stepless speed regulation)

Operation methods:

1 Check first if the spare parts are ready before using.
2 Put beaker containing solution to be heated in the center of heating plate. Then put mixer in the center of the solution.
3 Turn on the switch and light
4 Screw clockwise the knob to begin mixing.
5 Turn on the switch for heating, the light is on, heating is to begin.

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